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Celebrating 15 Years in Business

Forever Changed: Post-Pandemic Life

Did You Know: Specifying Trim and Certification for New PSVs

How far has Salus come?

What's new in Salus?

Process Safety Considerations in Renewable Diesel Conversions

Recovering Texas Operating Facilities from the Freeze: by a Native Midwesterner

Looking Ahead to 2021. . .

2020 Wrapped

How Relief Valve Assembly Affects Stability Calculations

What did 2020 bring for Salus?

COVID-19: Operating Facilities Safely During A Pandemic

Did You Know: PSV Isolation on Air Receivers

Did You Know: Set Pressure of PSVs Protecting Process Pipes

New Decade’s Resolutions?

Supporting Safety in our Communities

2019 Hydrocarbon Processing Awards

2019 REMBE Process Safety Days

Smith & Burgess' "2019 Process Safety Scholarship"

The Journey to Peak Facility Safety

Top Ten Things Affecting the Quality of your Relief Validation Study

Refinement of Disposal System Design Loads

The Society of Women Engineering Partnership

Case Study: Flare Management Plan

Case Study: Flare Modifications Due to Rate Increase

Top 5 "RAGAGEP Deviations" in New Construction

Employee Spotlight: Amanda Mueller

Did You Know: Allowable Backpressure for a Conventional Valve...

Case Study: Relief Systems Evaluation and Mitigation

Top 5 "Best Implemented" PSM Processes - A PSM Check-up

Case Study: Elimination of a Remote Flare System

Case Study: LOPA Action Item Review

Case Study: Wellhead Gathering System Overpressure QRA

Spring Loaded Relief Valve Details: Valve Internals

Case Study: SIL Design

Case Study: Third Party Relief Valve Mitigation Review

Case Study: Facility Siting

Case Study: Gas Plant Detailed Relief System Design Review

Case Study: PSM / RMP Refinery-Wide Audit

Employee Spotlight: Shannon Garcia

Case Study: Flare Bid Review Package

Part 2: 3 Steps to Integrate "Flare System Management" into Your Project Life-cycle and Maximize the Benefits

Part 1: 3 Steps to Integrate "Flare System Management" into Your Project Life-cycle and Maximize the Benefits

Top 7 Mistakes Lurking in your Relief Valve Calculation Database (and How to Avoid Them)

Case Study: Gas Plant PSM Audit

Employee Spotlight: Jason Spearow

Case Study: Flare Gas Recovery Equipment Review

Did You Know: Vessels Riding on Flare...

Case Study: Flare Maintenance Operations

Case Study: Flare System Optimization I

Case Study: Action Item Resolution I

Employee Spotlight: Nicholas Cristea

Case Study: Action Item Resolution II

Did You Know: Cold Differential Test Pressure (CDTP)...

Case Study: Flare System Velocity Concern Review

Case Study: Flare System Optimization II

Did You Know: Liquid Service PSVs...

Did You Know: Exit Pipe Fitting...

 Safety Knowledge Should be Share...

“It should not be necessary for each generation to rediscover the principles of process safety which the generation before discovered. We must learn from the experience of others rather than learn the hard way. We must pass on to the next generation a record of what we have learned.” - Jesse C. Ducommun, Safety Pioneer
As Process Safety engineers and consultants, we believe our unique position creates a responsibility for Smith & Burgess to share our years of accumulated safety knowledge.

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