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Case Study: Flare Bid Review Package

Posted by Dustin Smith, P.E. on Jul 25, 2017 5:02:00 PM
Dustin Smith, P.E.


The Opportunity:

A major United States refinery was in the process of purchasing a new flare system and needed assistance reviewing the bid package from the vendors. The refinery decided that the system was needed based on the outcome of a facility-wide flare study and flare QRA. The new flare system was specified by an EPC and then bid by a major flare vendor. This refinery heard of Smith & Burgess’ flare design expertise and decided to hire us in order to review their vendor’s design package.

Our Solution:

Smith & Burgess provided engineering expertise to review the design package. We verified that the proposed flare system was actually based on the specified design conditions for the refinery. Our engineering review cross-checked the vendor’s calculations and assumptions in order to minimize capital expenditure while achieving all of the design objectives.

The Results:

The Smith & Burgess engineering review saved the Refinery $8 to $10 million dollars by eliminating a proposed secondary utility flare system (tip, stack, knockout drum, instrumentation) from the scope. The initial flare system required minor upgrades to piping and routing in order to accomplish the scope reduction, and the updated specifications simplified the process of reaching the EPA’s flare requirements (Sub Part JA).

  • Facility Type: Refinery

  • Services Provided: Engineering Review

  • Money Saved: Between $8 to $10 Million Dollars

Download this Case Study Here:
Flare Bid Review Package


Topics: Flare Study, Detailed Engineering, Case Study, Flare System, Refinery, Engineering Review

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