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Case Study: Gas Plant PSM Audit

Posted by Dustin Smith, P.E. on Jun 20, 2017 5:06:00 PM
Dustin Smith, P.E.


The Opportunity:

Regulators will often require that a facility review their process safety management systems on a routine basis. These audits can be performed with internal or external resources. A PSM covered gas plant in the U.S. wanted to hire a consultant to perform an audit. Furthermore, the site wanted the results presented in such a way that they could understand and improve upon the shortfalls of their PSM systems. Based on conversations with other gas plants in the region, the site selected Smith & Burgess to perform the audit.

Our Solution:

Smith & Burgess sent an audit team to the site and performed an in-depth analysis, using our proprietary auditing techniques to identify the areas of highest deviation from industry practices. The team performed the complete PSM audit on-site within the time frame allotted, impressing the site’s personnel with the depth achieved. The final report was presented to site personnel shortly thereafter.

The Results:

Smith & Burgess’ audit techniques were developed to not only cite back regulatory codes, but to identify the root causes of the discrepancies and provide the site’s management with a clear path for addressing their concerns. Our team’s final report allowed the site to not only recognize where the deviations from the requirements occur, but provided an actionable plan to resolve their concerns. The site team was pleased with the quality and depth of the report and has subsequently hired Smith & Burgess for every required PSM audit since.

  • Facility Type: PSM Covered Gas Plant

  • Services Provided: Audit

Download this Case Study Here:
Gas Plant PSM Audit


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