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Smith & Burgess' "2019 Process Safety Scholarship"

Posted by Brandon Ring on Jun 21, 2019 4:04:42 PM

2019 Process Safety Scholarship:

To celebrate Smith & Burgess’ support of “International Women in Engineering Day,” we are proud to announce Ms. Jill Bohnet as the winner of our first annual “Smith & Burgess: Process Safety Scholarship Award.”

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The Society of Women Engineering Partnership

Posted by Brandon Ring on Jan 3, 2019 10:45:00 AM

Smith & Burgess is excited to announce our recent partnership with the Houston Chapter of "Society of Women Engineers." 

The Society of Women Engineers, also known as SWE, is an inclusive organization focused on issues of interest to women specializing in engineering and technical careers. The SWE Houston Area Chapter is the fourth largest chapter in the Nation with almost 700 members.

Like many professional engineering organizations, Smith & Burgess has benefited from the recent increase in female engineers in today's marketplace. With the addition of 10 new hires in 2018, Smith & Burgess' female engineers now represent 35% of our total engineering staff – an increase of over 40% since January of 2016.

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Employee Spotlight: Amanda Mueller

Posted by Brandon Ring on Aug 1, 2018 5:57:00 PM

Ms. Amanda Mueller 
|  Process Safety Consultant

Ms. Mueller is a graduate from the University of Missouri with a degree in Chemical Engineering. She has extensive experience with Relief Systems and Flare Design projects. Over the past three years, Amanda has been an invaluable addition to Smith & Burgess' engineering staff and consistently exhibits the firm's dedication to quality process safety management.

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Employee Spotlight: Shannon Garcia

Posted by Brandon Ring on Aug 7, 2017 6:02:00 PM

Ms. Shannon Garcia  
|  Corporate Controller

A transplant to Texas from The Grand Canyon State (Arizona) over 23 years ago, Ms. Garcia is Smith & Burgess' Accounting Manager and the oil that keeps our organization running smooth. Thanks to her experience executing financial software conversions, Shannon joined Smith & Burgess over five years ago to help support the company's growing needs.

Today she is a valued member of the Management Team and responsible for overseeing the General Accounting and Financial Reporting functions. With over twenty years of corporate accounting experience, Shannon works closely with all of Smith & Burgess' departments to help keep them in the black!

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Employee Spotlight: Jason Spearow

Posted by Brandon Ring on Jun 1, 2017 5:46:00 PM

Mr. Jason Spearow, P.E.  
|  Senior Process Consultant

Mr. Spearow is a degreed professional chemical engineer, with over ten years in Process Safety Management, specializing in Relief Systems and Flare Design and Concern Resolution. Jason provides comprehensive relief systems expertise to efficiently solve a client's need in the most cost-effective and safe manner.

Jason has led over 30 domestic and global projects for Upstream and Downstream Oil & Gas Operators and Chemical Manufacturing facilities. Jason is also an experienced trainer responsible for new-hire onboarding and teaches the Relief Systems Design Course offered by Smith & Burgess.

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Employee Spotlight: Nicholas Cristea

Posted by Brandon Ring on Feb 1, 2017 5:47:00 PM

Mr. Nicholas Cristea  
|  Technical Lead

Mr. Cristea is a detail oriented Master-degreed chemical engineer specializing in Process Safety Management, with the main focus in Relief Systems Analysis and Documentation. He is a practical problem solver who makes quick, accurate decisions to efficiently solve a client's need in the most cost-effective and safe manner.

Nick has led over 20 domestic and global projects in Tier 1 Upstream and Downstream, Upstream Oil & Gas Operators, and Chemical Manufacturing Facilities with a total direct project revenue of over $10 million and savings generated in the region of $70 million.

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 Safety Knowledge Should be Share...

“It should not be necessary for each generation to rediscover the principles of process safety which the generation before discovered. We must learn from the experience of others rather than learn the hard way. We must pass on to the next generation a record of what we have learned.” - Jesse C. Ducommun, Safety Pioneer
As Process Safety engineers and consultants, we believe our unique position creates a responsibility for Smith & Burgess to share our years of accumulated safety knowledge.

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