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What did 2020 bring for Salus?

Posted by Chris Heflin on Jan 11, 2021 1:39:54 PM

About the Author 
Christopher Heflin is a degreed Chemical Engineer from Texas A&M University with over 8 years of experience in pressure relief analysis and relief system software, and is the lead training instructor for Salus and Data Insights courses both locally and internationally. He also plays an active role in the development of new features as well as ongoing software support.


Coronavirus Impact

Despite the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, we have happily added several new members to the Salus family as an increased drive toward digitization and organization sweeps the industry. As a result, Salus has streamlined migration efforts for client’s existing data – whether in digital or physical copies – to be utilized efficiently in the software.

Salus Enhancements

Performance enhancements for Salus include implementation of the latest version of VMG Symmetry resulting in a smoother user experience, improved flash times, and an open door for future feature developments.

As for new features, Salus supports the creation of a list of System Findings at the system level, extractable from Data Insights.

Data Insights Enhancements

Our data mining and reporting tool now supports stream importing for all users! Additionally, due to popular demand, users will find an expanded toolkit for automated stream extraction from PetroSIM in addition to the existing tool for HYSYS.

Furthermore, users can now generate a Flare Load Summary directly from the calculation query. (Be sure to select “Global” on the Contingency page in Salus for best results!)

What’s Coming?

While 2020 was nothing if not eventful, we excitedly look forward to the opportunities of 2021. Salus 3.0 will make its debut as a fully web-based solution, marrying the Salus and Data Insights tools into a single portal and providing a smattering of performance and workflow improvements.



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