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How far has Salus come?

Posted by Jeremiah McAfoose on Apr 12, 2022 11:48:16 AM

Aside from the expected software improvements from a decade of development (including a remote server-based architecture, dedicated thermodynamics engine, and smattering of user interface and stability improvements), Salus has become an industry-leading flagship of relief systems design.

Evergreening and Revision Control

Salus sets the bar for providing an ongoing evergreen solution for relief systems documentation.

Managing mitigation options, MOCs, and project revisions is simplified with our revision management, system states, and approvals. Salus_1


Streamlined Workflows

We recognize there is a range of user experience, normal staffing changes, and engineers who might be accustomed to other tools for relief analysis.

Salus provides a simplistic workflow to simplify the learning curve for any user and ensure a intuitive progression for each relief systems analysis.



Data Accessibility

Relief systems data isn’t confined to the few heroes who provide the engineering analysis.

All users have access to the read-only Data Insights Portal where users from other disciplines can data mine, export, and generate reports.

  • Spec sheet generation
  • PHA queries
  • Findings queries
  • Asset queries



Additional Tools

Inlet Stability Analysis Inlet Stability analysis can help determine the need for installation modifications based on the force balance and critical line length criteria, potentially avoiding costly piping modifications.
Atmospheric Screening With built-in atmospheric screening functionality, the user can quickly determine the need for detailed dispersion modeling on a case-by-case basis. 


Where is Salus going now?

With the help of early adaptors, Salus 3.0 will provide even more improvements:

  • Single Sign-On support
  • Improved integrations for corporate data warehousing and digital twin initiatives
  • Improved Scenario Management
  • Calculation queues
  • Improved scenario management
  • Multi-language support
  • Improved report engine


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