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What's new in Salus?

Posted by Chris Heflin on Jul 20, 2021 10:22:56 AM

Inlet Stability

With the rise in attention to inlet pressure losses and device stability, we are doing our part by including inlet stability alongside device sizing in Salus. As an optional add on, force balance and critical line length analysis can be included to help determine the stability of devices with high inlet pressure losses - potentially negating the need for expensive piping modifications in the field.

Additionally, the relief device details page has been expanded to include the necessary physical data from NB-18 and manufacturer catalogs that is used in the calculations.

Salus 1

Salus Knowledge Base

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of our new knowledge base for all things related to Salus and Data Insights! The knowledge base is a fully searchable collection of articles that is integrated with our support ticket software.

Salus 2

What's in the Knowledge Base?
Inside our support portal you will find quick links to articles containing helpful information for users of all levels of experience.

The Salus Basics section contains articles for getting started with logging in, navigating the software, and best practices to keep in mind while working in Salus.

Salus 3

The Process Documentation section contains walkthroughs for data entry, system analysis, calculation methods, and global settings.

Salus 4

The Methodology section contains calculation details and formulas for how things work under the hood.

Salus 5

We want to hear from you!
Each article has a section to provide feedback on the content, clarity, usefulness, etc. Please give a thumbs up or down as your experience dictates! The more feedback we receive the better we can refine the tool.

Salus 6

If you have suggestions for new content, please feel free to submit a new support ticket of type "Knowledge Base Feedback". All feedback is welcome!

How do I access it?
We are actively rolling out access to all users in the coming weeks, but if you are as excited as we are please reach out to us at to request earlier access.


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